Which Dental X-Rays are Crucial Before Complex Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Today i wanted to share with you a very important information: 'Which Dental X-Rays are Crucial  Before Complex Full Mouth Rehabilitation?'

If you are considering to have a full mouth rehabilitation/reconstruction treatment, there are a few things you must know.

One of these things is – what kind of dental x-rays you need to have?

The first line x-rays that can help your dentist evaluate your case are status and panoramic x-rays. Keep in mind- both of these x-rays should be performed and one does not place the other.

The status x-ray can give your dentist a closer look on the situation of your teeth and gums. In order for the status X-RAY to provide the best information of the current status of your teeth and gums it should be performed in the parallel technique.

משולמי רחל -סטטוס

An example for parallel status X-RAY

The non- parallel status would not provide the most accurate information your dentist should have. The parallel status is a bit more expensive than the regular one, but the difference is not compared to what you can lose if the diagnosis is not good enough.

The panoramic X-RAY is made to allow the dentist to see what is going on in your jaw bones, your jaw joint and several other anatomic areas around your teeth.

משולמי רחל פנ

An example for panoramic X-RAY

Before getting started with a full mouth rehabilitation treatment you definitely want to make sure your dentist got these two X-RAYS.

there are few more important things you want to know before going through a full mouth rehabilitation treatment.

I will discuss them all in my next posts.