Should the Condition of your Teeth Worsen with Pregnancy?

“For ten years I didn’t go to the dentist, I had no pain and I didn’t have any problems. Now with pregnancy, I’ve had no luck and all my teeth have gotten ruined because of everything I’ve gone through in the pregnancy . . . I always thought that I can manage without a dentist, I eat only healthy food, I brush as I should . . . “

This is what A. told me the moment she came into my clinic for a checkup.

Did pregnancy ruin A.’s teeth?

Actually, it’s true, although not completely.

There are a number of things at the initial stages that are important to take into account.

In the course of pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes, which among other things, are likely to cause any pathological conditions in the mouth to develop at a more accelerated rate.

What happens in a woman’s body during pregnancy that has an effect on her teeth?

The tendency to vomiting and reflux cause the woman’s mouth to be exposed to an especially high level of acidity that is likely to potent harm to her teeth.

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In addition, certain studies have shown that there is a reduction in rate of salivary secretions and possibly also changes in the quality of a woman’s saliva during pregnancy.

The saliva in our mouths has the task of protecting the oral cavity —- the teeth, the gums and the soft tissues.  In the event that there is a reduction in the rate or amount of saliva, this is likely to lead to a sharp decrease in the mouth’s functional ability to protect itself.

Thus the combination of these two situations during pregnancy— an increase in acidity coupled with the decrease in salivary secretions, leaves the pregnant woman in a situation in which her teeth are exposed to potential damage.

There is a saying “you lose a tooth for every baby”.  The kernel of truth is that you shouldn’t leave yourself unprotected, and the best protection is for you to come to the dental clinic in time so that you can receive correct guidance to maintain the health of your mouth.

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Good luck!

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