Save your natural tooth or extract and place an implant?

A friend dentist from New York shared this case. I left his letter without editing so you would see the way we look at each tooth as one of the most precious things you own. Also i wanted you to see there is hope for your teeth. We now know implants are not the answer. They can solve tremendous problems when the tooth is gone but if there is even a slight chance to keep the tooth than that is much better!
Quick surprising result.  Not surprising in that it healed but rather in the rapidity to which it has.. This gentleman was referred for extraction and bone graft prior to placement of an implant (yes Bob.. I listen). The tooth had class III mobility and came with all of the prerequisite sequelae.. bop, suppuration and discomfort.  
The tooth, however, tested vital and LANAP (laser therapy) was performed. Occlusal  adjustment and off he went , with the idea that if it didn’t heal it would at least be a better environment down the road for placement of a fixture. 
x ray 3
A- tooth number 14, mobile and inflamed but still vital. B- 6 months after treatment. Inflammation starts to heal and there is no mobility. There is a great possibility this patient would have this tooth for many more years.

He showed up today and the area has now zero mobility. The tissue has not  receded and he has forgotten that there was ever a problem.  My sense is that the area will continue to heal over the next 6 months but also begs the questions to our approach for future implant placement.. perhaps we can look at failing teeth as a better , more cost effective “graft” than something out of a bottle? If indeed, we get some osteogenic remodeling, even if the tooth ultimately had to be  removed.. wouldn’t that give us and the patient a better implant site? One with true bone for the implant to be placed into? And on the odd chance that it heals.. then we have solved the  problem therapeutically?  I'm always open to thoughts.. but I think its time we start looking at the body’s own potential to help us get to where we need to go..

So true!

And of course there are many successful treatments that we have documentation for years.

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