Dental Treatments without Drilling and without Anesthetic Injections

Many patients avoid dental treatment because of fear of anesthetic injections, and fear or unpleasantness of the sensation when a tooth is drilled.   In order to make it easier for you and change the dental treatment into something you experience as more pleasant and possible, I adopted a number of practices in my clinic that make it more likely for you to arrive calm and serene.  This begins with the atmosphere at the clinic with good, calming music, and also with the various technologies that I use in dental treatment.

One of these technologies is treatment without drilling and without injections.  Isn’t it true that this sounds quite imaginary?  In actuality, this is an innovative dental technique that is feasible and has seen 91% success, which is an amazing success rate!

drills and shots

Advantages of this treatment:

  • Significant monetary savings in the long term
  • Strengthening of the teeth and preservation of the health of the tooth mineral
  • High positive response on the part of the patient
  • Avoidance of treatments that require anesthetic injections
  • Avoidance of dental treatment that requires drilling the tooth


For whom is this good? The treatment is good for many people, but . . .

It is especially appropriate for these two groups:

  • For children between the ages of 8-16 this can be very effective and save them many dental treatments in the course of their adult lives.
  • For women of child-bearing age repeatedly experiencing pregnancies and are thereby are at a stage in which they may suffer from multiple dental cavities

In children and teenagers, after a tooth has erupted, the tooth mineral (the material that comprises the tooth), continues to develop, until the stage of maturity and final hardness.   At this stage (ages 8-16), the tooth mineral present is relatively weak and more vulnerable than the tooth mineral of an adult (toward age 20 and above). Therefore, treatment to strengthen the tooth can greatly contribute to avoidance of future cavities in the teeth and be a source of significant financial savings in dental treatments as the adult stage. For women, the stage of life in which they enter pregnancy, the treatment can be especially efficient since it doesn’t include anesthetic injections that should preferable be avoided during pregnancy.


Many women come to me at the clinic and tell me “My teeth were perfectly all right until my first pregnancy and since then the condition in my mouth has just gone downhill . . . “   This is what can happen; in the course of pregnancy there occur all kinds of changes in a woman’s body that eventually weaken the substance of the tooth and increase the likelihood that she will develop cavities and diseases of the mouth. This treatment is an example of treatment that can save women from having to undergo numerous and expensive dental treatments simply by strengthening the teeth.

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