The natural solution for an immediate relief of a cracked tooth pain

Hey there,

by the end of this article you would find the natural solution for an immediate relief of a cracked tooth pain we recommened to our patients.

Since we did get to see a lot of people who had a cracked tooth and didn't know what to do about it, I thought you might be interested to benefit from this information.

I attached here a link to a short illustration that would help you identify and know how to avoid the situation of cracked teeth.


This illustration is a contribution of the SPEAR academy for advanced and comprehensive dental treatment. I am a member in the SPEAR academy and i can tell you they are very good and thorough, exactly as i like it.

Once you have identified you might have a cracked tooth- the first thing you would probably immediately do is to schedule an appointment in the nearest dental office.

In the meanwhile- what would you do to reduce the pain?

The ultimate natural solution in these cases is to do a mouth rinse of salty water (1/4 tsp of sea salt: 1/2 cup of water) with one drop of essential oil of clove.

My own advice is to make sure the essential oil you get is 100% pure- this is the only way to make it really effective and safe for use.

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