Jaw Joint pain relife

Jaw joint pain is a very unpleasant situation. It can be caused by several things.

Among the causes found:

  1. 1. bite problems can be fixed by a dental treatment,
  2. 2. tooth grinding a correction of the bite is still necessary in many of these cases,
  3. 3. postural problems physiotherapy and Pilates exercises can help reduce pain,
  4. 4. muscle tension,
  5. 5. sometimes it's just stress.

I attach here a link to a video series that was conducted by Gary Crowley,

His mission is to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to relieve their joint pain as a "do it yourself" program,

I found these exercises were quite useful to a few and a few patients who came to me

I recommend following his steps wisely, pay attention to your body,

If the source to your jaw joint pain is mainly muscular these exercises would be great for you

But if it has other origin just bear in mind it is possible that you might need some further investigation and dental treatment

Here is the link to the video: