Good Dental Treatment for the mother —- Does it Avoid Treatments for the Children?

Many women arrive at my clinic and ask “Could it be that the reason my child has so many cavities and problems in the mouth is because of what I had in my mouth when I pregnant?”


Well, the comprehensive answer is —- yes!

Many studies have shown a direct connection between disease levels in the mother at the time of pregnancy, to the degree of illness in her children during their first years.

The human body is divided into different systems and organs.  Every part of the body has its own environmental conditions — from the aspect of the PH level (areas that are more acidic and others that are more alkaline), to the composition of proteins, and so forth.


Surrounding every cell in our body are 109 different microorganisms!.

To be precise, there are more microorganisms in our body (fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.), than actual cells.

In each and every area of the body, various bacteria/microorganisms are able to naturally co-exist and reside within our body.  Their existence depends upon conditions in the environment in which they are found. For example, some prefer a more acidic environment and others more alkaline.


A state of disease arises when some of these same bacteria/microorganisms manage to grow out of proportion and overwhelm the activity of the body’s cells.

When a woman is suffering from disease in her mouth (cavities, gum infections, ulcers, canker sores, etc.), this is actually saying that within the environment in her mouth there are microorganisms (bacteria, etc.) that are causing the disease.  In situation like this, the same bacteria can pass through the bloodstream to the fetus.


With the fetus, the environmental conditions of the various parts of his body are similar to those of the mother (these include the mouth, intestines, stomach, spinal column, etc. — every area of the body; all exist as separate sections from the aspect of the environment conditions that occur within it.).  This means, that the bacteria that ‘like’ to live in the mother’s mouth, like to live in the fetus’ mouth as well.

It is at the fetal stage that actually, all the teeth develop.  Although they do not develop in their entirety, it is already at this stage that little buds from which teeth will ultimately grow are formed.


Exposure of these developing teeth buds to bacteria (and microorganisms), that are known to generate disease in the teeth, will cause defective development in the teeth of the fetus.

It is possible that even though the teeth will look perfectly all right in terms of their shape and appearance, they will be weaker and as such, will be more susceptible to diseases — cavities, erosion, and so on

Therefore, it is very important to know that you can contribute greatly to the oral health and teeth of your children by your own good oral hygiene and timely treatment.

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