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  • Avoid invasive dental treatments.
  • Enjoy strong and healthy teeth.
  • Wisely save plenty of money.

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Who can especialy benefit from a dental care of the 'Next Generation'?

  1. Those who feel restless since they feel they need to find dental solutions all the time.

  2. Those who feel desperate of their dental health status and whant to bring an end to their despair once and for all.

  3. Those who have tried so many treatments and still haven't found any solution to their dental problems.

  4. Those who are seeking for a focused dental solution that would meet their needs.

  5. Those who want to have their own natural teeth when they get to the old age.

  6. Those who understand that our dental health plays a very important part in our general health!

  7. Those who want to have stronger, healthier teeth without the need of an endless dental treatments.

  8. Those who feel intimidated by the kind of denistry they met so far and they would like to find a newer- better kind of detal care that comes from the discipline of the greatest dentists in the world.

  9. Those who have a high self esteem and are very much aware of their health and want to
    feel they get the full info as for 'why' and 'what' is beeing done to them and how they can help themselves to have stronger- healthier teeth.

The certain way to have healthier- stronger teeth in a one and focused course of comprehansive dental care!

Why do poeple keep suffering from their teeth?

The reality in dentistry today is like that: you go to the dentist, he/she dose a quick scannig of your mouth, they take two bitewings (in most cases) and based on that you immidiately get a treatment plan for your teeth. You feel like there is no thorough inquiry of what you realy need and decisions are being made in a way that might not be right in your own specific case.

 Well, ok, if you have a cavity inside your tooth than you might still need to have a filling done in one way or another.


Did you get the info about what’s causing cavities?
What is causing gum disease/ gum recessions?

What is causing a tooth to crack?

Why dose teeth come to a situation they need to be extracted?

How can you make sure  the problem you have now won’t happen to other teeth you have?


If the tooth was extracted what would make you feel sure the same problem won’t happen with the implant that would replace it?

And last but not least

What are the non- invasine alternatives?

You don’t need to figure it out on your own. You don’t need to find dental care solution on the web.

These answeres can and should be provided to you by your dental care providers!

If you don’t get these answers than, yes, the treatments won’t last for long and soon you will find yourself in need of more dental treatments over and over again!

It is not natural to have dental problems all the time!

When you come to our dental office we will make a thorough diagnosis and built up a complete dental strategy that will help you put an end to all the causes that harm your teeth and we’ll teach you everything you need to know for having healthy and strong teeth for many more years!

This would give you the benefit of:

  • Having the confidence that you will be able to have your own natural healthy and strong teeth until the old age.
  •   Being able to  substantially minimize the need for invasive dental treatments (root canals, extractions, implants, gum surgery)
  • Save plenty of money on  future and maybe even current dental treatments!

Common misconceptions that people have about their teeth

Did you know?

Only about 5% of the population have true genetic disorders that cause inherent defects in the teeth.

The meaning of this is that you probably have a 95% cahnce that your teeth are naturally strong!

The belief in the myth of the “genetically weak teeth” can make you feel it’s just a bad luck you’ve got and you don’t have anything you can do but to accept the fact that you are one of those people who have to be bound to dental treatments for their entire life.

Once you will have the ability to abandone this wrong beliefe, you’ll actually be more available to seek for the right solution for yourself.

So remember- from now on you would know for sure- your teeth are not weak but they can only be weakened!

once you would know what weakens them you would definately have the ability to stop the cause for your dental problems.

By a focused dental care startegy you will have the opportunity to learn what can weaken your teeth on the one hand and what strengthens them on the other hand.

This way you’ll be able to get the control over your dental health back to your own hands and be less dependent upon dental treatments!


Right now, these two terms might seem more or less similar to you, but believe it or not- once you’ll understand what is the big difference between them you’ll immidiately understand this was the missing part you did not know about dentistry.

Nontheless, once you’ll understand what it is about you’ll understand why you kept suffering from your teeth for so many years!

In order to understand that, lets try to figure out- what is it that you are looking for when you go to your dentist? are you looking for a nice looking filling? an esthetic crown? gum surgery with laser? implants and crowns in one day?

All of these are advertisements that can misslead you to to feel that it’s the most advaced dentistry you can get.

If what you realy are looking for is to get the medical benefit of the dental treatment- to have stronger and healthier teeth for many years to come, than that’s the way to reach your goals:

  1. CDA- complete dental analysis that is aimed at finding the root cause of your dental and oral issues.
  2. CDS- complete dental strategy that is aimed at eliminating the things that weaken your teeth along with focusing on what can strengthen your teeth.
  3. CDR- complete dental rehabilitarion. A treatment that is focused on getting you to the healthiest and strongest state.

Those are the three necessary steps you should  have when you get a real comprehansive dental care!

Many people can be driven to treat their teeth by impulse- pain, fear, insecurity.

When you seek for dental treatments only when it’s painful or urgent and you want to get instant solutions the outcome, many times, will not provide you with the best solution for you.

If you are looking for a realiable solution for your dental issues in the near future and also for the long run than you should get on it now, before things get out of your hands!


Get ready to the health revolusion of your teeth!

The 'Next Generation' presents the right way for a comprehansive dental care

Complete Dental Analysis
Complete Dental Strategy
Complete Dental Rehab

Have stronger and healthier teeth once and for all!

The benefits you get from a 'Next Generation' comprehensive dental care:

  1. You would find out what realy influences yor teeth and what you need to do to maintain them for many years to come.

  2. You'll learn what you need to do to avoid weakenings habits for your teeth.

  3. You'll get to know for sure what you need to do to strengthen your teeth.

  4. To save yourself the efforts on endless dental treatments

  5. To feel you'll be able to maintain your natural teeth until the old age.

  6. To prevent invasive dental treatments such as- root canals, extractions, implants, gums surgery.

In over than 80% of the cases it is possible to avoid the need for invasive dental treatments!

Watch these cases


In the x-rays above, tooth no. 25: the patient had pain and a deep cavity on the painful tooth, he was offered to have a root canal treatment. After he came to our dental office, based on a thorough dental-medical examination we decided to do a non-invasive vital pulp therapy. After a 4 year follow-up the tooth is still vital. The success of this treatment allowed the patient to: 1. avoid the need of an invasive dental treatment, 2. preserve tooth vitality, 3. save plenty of money on root canal+ core&post+ dental crown, 4. have a higher likelihoow to maintain his natural tooth for the old age.



The patient in the picture above has a TMJ (jaw joint) disorder. During the course of many years she had many dental treatments done, but always had pain in the joint and each dental crown she had got broken since it was not adjusted properly to her correct joint position. She was concerned she might need a joint surgery. When she came to our dental office, a thorough dental- medical examination was done, she got a complete dental strategy and by that we managed to relocate her joint, perform new crowns, eliminate her joint pain and allow her to have a higher quality of life. By performing the right dental- medical treatment strategy, we managed do handle this case without any need for a joint surgery and get very good, long- lasting results. The patient is pain free and have a balanced oral health for over than 2.5 years.



For over than 10 years, the patient in the picture above has suffered from tooth pain and sensitivity all over her mouth. She noticed the color of her teeth has changed  and began to loose their natural appearance and length. Over those years she endlessly searched for a solution to her problem but never found one. In each dental office she visited she was told that she grindes her teeth at night and thus she was offered to have a night gaurd. Even though she used the night gaurd she noticed that her teeth still keep getting shorter and shorter yet. When she came to our dental office, a thorough dental-medical examination was performed and she got a complete dental strategy, the source for the problem was found, a complete dental rehabilitation was done and her oral health is stable. Thanks to this treatment she needed no root canal treatments and the tooth pain she had was gone.



In the picture above, the patient had noticed that her front tooth became loose and shifted to the side, thus a gap got opened between the two front teeth. She was previously offered to have that tooth extracted and replaced by an implant. When she came to our dental office, a thorough dental-medical examination was done and a complete dental strategy was performed accordingly. By approaching this case in this way, we managed to stabilize her tooth and realign it to the correct position and eliminate the cause for the tooth migration by a complete dental care approach. The success of this case is that we managed to help this patient avoid unecessary extration and implant, have better esthetic results, save plenty of money and have a higher likelihood to maintaind this tooth until her old age.



In the x-ray above you can see the before and after x-ray of a tooth that had an extensive bone lose. This is one of the cases in which extracting the tooth could have been a real possible solution, considering a backroung of a poor dental history, including 2 failed gum surgeries and bone grafting. Still, when she came to our dental office a complete dental-medical examination was done and the patient got a complete dental strategy accordingly. The results were outstanding- the lost bone grew back quite extensively, her gum health got excellent and the total oral health got completely stable. The success of her treatment: 1. no extractions, 2. no implants, 3. no gum surgery, 4. from a poor dental state for many years she improved to an excellent one.


What is included?

  • Smart moves to preserve teeth

  • Thorough dental analysis

  • Complete dental strategy

  • Personal consultation and guidance

  • Pesonal dental- medical file

  • Lesser need of dental implants

  • Lesser need of extractions

  • Lesser need of root canal treatments

  • Lesser need of gum surgery

We have good answers for you:

> Because it’s the only way to get good, long lasting results of the treatments.

> Because that’s the only way to make sure you can avoid invasive dental treatments.

> Because tha’s the way to feel secure that your dental health won’t deteriorate over the years.

> Because that’s the only way you can feel you have a control over your dental health.

>Because that’s the only realistic way to save money on dental treatments.

You can save money for an appartment/ pension or you can just make sure you can minimize the amount of money you’ll need to spend on dental treatments.


Well, you can skip it, ofcourse, and if you feel the need to have just simply dental treatments we can always respect that .

But- it’s best to know what you might loose if you go by that.

When you get dental treatments done before any thorough medical- dental examination- analysis and specific aimed-  strategy was done for you, than your dental care providers won’t be able to realy know what led you to to your current dental problems.

Thus, they will only be able to treat the damage that was caused to your teeth but they won’t be able to realy know what caused it and how to help you prevent it.

This way- the chances you’ll need more and more dental treatments and even more invasive ones remain very high.

And nonetheless, even in the near future- the medical- dental decision would lean towards a more invasive dental treatment than is needed- since there is a lack of information  that is necessary in order to make better decisions for you.

If you are one of those poeple who have the need to have plenty of dental treatments all the time and you feel that the treatments that were done to you just don’t help you resolve your problems than right now you can choose between two options:

A– keep having the same kind of dentistry you had so far and take the risk of keep suffering every once in a while, and during that course you won’t get any control over your dental health and let things deteriorate and get out of your hands.


B- Go through a comprehansive dental treatment now and once and for all get a better understanding of what is causing you dental problems and what you can do to stop it for good!

There is no middle way in between these two options!

Only when you go through the process that comprehansive dental treatments provide you you’ll be able to resolve your problems and have dental quiet for many years!


Many people go by try and error and sometimes read things online that can/ can’t work in their situation.

This way some people manage to treat their teeth at home, in most cases, only temporarely.

The tricky thing about these trials is that many times these tips help people relive the symptoms of their problems but it dose not realy make the problem go away.

This way you’ll hear people telling you they managed to treat their teeth on their own but you don’t always get to hear what were the consequences over time. We deffinately see that all the time.

Our suggestion is to get a better plan for strengthening your teeth.

The situation that many people search for medical/ dental solutions online started realy since the old generation of dentistry did not provide people with the ability to come and talk to their dentists and get a real comprehansive dental strategy.

the next generation will provide you with all the info you need to strengthen your teeth. we see you as a very important part of the treatment and we belive that you will enjoy the benefit of this dental revolution, once you’ll be able to understand we are 100% on your side.

Having a complete dental strategy is an investment for the long run that can pay off big time.

If you have the will to invest in your health and have a view of a better -healthy future for yourself in the old age, than ofcourse you must have stronger teeth. people who do not do that on time, in most cases, need to handle with the situation of having dentures or prosthetic teeth of some kind.

Only by a focused dental strategy you’ll be able to realy get to know what is going on with your teeth and what can be done to make sure you can keep your own natural teeth until the old age.

This one-time investment can spare you unnecessary pain, time, energy, fears and countless money on current, invasive and future dental treatments, that can easily be avoided once you do a complete dental strategy.

Based on a complete dental analysis we will provide you with a complete dental strategy that will give you the view of:

  1. What kind of comprehansive dental treatmnet course needs to be done in the dental clinic in order to balance your dental health and get you to a stable dental status that you’ll be able to maintain for many years.
  2. We will also built up a complete dental strategy for you to do at home. We will have a long personal consultation meeting with you and you will get the information you need to know in order to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Our mission is to see you enjoy healthy dental status for many years to come and we will asist you with everything you need in order to succeed in that!

The course of making a complete dental strategy comes from a very thorough and profound research and learning of Dr. Sarit Avraham. She always says she feels so lucky to be a dentist in this era when you can easily get to know great professionals from all over the world and get to know exactly what you need to do in order to give greater solutions for the people who come to us.

For instance, one part of her diagnostic methods leans on the research of Dr. Frank Spear, from Seattle, and she conducts the strategy according to that special diagnostic way she learned from him and his faculty members:

A- we will diagnose the anatomy and function of your upper airways.

E- we will diagnose the structure of your face, as for symmetry and things that might have an influence on your dental status.

F- we will examine the function of your mastication muscles and their relation to your dentition.

S- the structure of your upper and lower jaws and the interraltion between them.

B- the biological status of your mouth- if there is active inflammation, the function of your salivary glands and more.

Once we get all the details of this diagnosis the next step would be to gather all that data and entwine everything to a brilliant strategy thatis aimed to give you a one- focused treatment course that will bring you from a state of someone who had dental disease to someone who has no disease and has a high potential to have no disaese and maintain a strong- healthy- long lasting status of his dental health.

One of the main purposes of the dental strategy is to get people, once and for all, out of the situation of having denal problems all the time without finding any resolution over the years.

It is not natural that you suffer from your dental health all the time. It is possible to reverse this situation in over than 90% of the cases, even the worse ones.

By making a thorough dental analysis followed by a complete dental strategy we can realy get a better understanding of what is the root cause for all of your dental issues and help you treat them in the right way.

By this, you’ll be able to cease the problems and get to a more balanced and stable dental health state for many years.

You can skim through the cases we presented on a previous section on this page and see how it was done successfuly for many people.

In these cases we, ofcourse, will offer you an emergent treatment and than, after things calm dowm- we can go through the complete dental strategy. By that we will also give you all the infirmation that will secure you from the need to have urgent dental problems that can disrupt your life.

That is a very good question!

We do, ofcourse, do every dental treatment that is needed, in the highest quality you can get. Dr. Sarit Avraham uses a team of realy great dentists and specialists and use the most advanced techniques.

What do we do differentley than?

We believe that our main mission is to get you to a balanced- strong- healthy state. We believe that we can help you avoid unnecessary dental treatments wheteher invasive ones or future ones.

“My goal is not just to do dental treatments my real goal is to bring people to a healthier dental state” (Dr. Sarit Avraham)

That’s the main distinction people find in our dental office and exactly why people come to us even  from long distances from all over israel.

The most advanced worldwide dental- care you can get in Israel

Dr. Sarit Avraham is a graduate of the dental faculty of hadassa, of the hebrew university in jerusalem.

Alongside her DMD degree, Dr. Sarit also has a Masters degree in the field of Oral Medicine.

Ever since her graduation she has participated in contueless continued education faculties from all over the world, always seeking for greater solutions for the people who come to her.

Amongst the great, worldwide recognised, dentists her work is influenced by you can find:

Dr. Gordon Christensen (Uttah), Dr. Frank Spear (Seattle), Dr. Petter Dawson (Florida),Dr. Paskal Mangne  (LA), Dr. Streven Phelan (Canada) and many more.

Dr. Sarit gathered everything she learned from these great dentists into the ‘the certain formula for dental- medical treatment’ that is aimed to provide people with a focused comprehansive dental care.

If you ask the people who come to her dental office, what are the 3 most prominent traits Dr. Sarit has, most would say:  endless patiance, complete dedication and the powers to keep advancing and evolving all the time.

In her dental office you will find most advanced, high quality dentistry, that is always aimed to bring you to a stronger- healthier, more balnced dental state.
Dr. Sarit believes she can help you avoid invasive, unnecessary and future dental treatments and she is certain you would hear about her special way to do that.

The Next Generation of Dentisry is already here! And where are you?

Allow yourself to have a focused dental care that would help you:

  • Avoid the need for invasive dental treatments
  • Enjoy strong and healthy teeth
  • Save plenty of money on dental treatments

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